Weird Al Made Up His Own Lyrics for The Emmy-Nominated Shows

Weird Al continued his domination of the summer of 2014 by singing the lyrics to several of this year’s Emmy-nominated shows. Specifically the one’s that don’t have any lyrics to begin with like Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Homeland, and Scandal.

 I’m now going to have Al’s lyrics “here come dragons galore and some boobs..” stuck in my head every time I watch Game of Thrones from here on out.  

I feel like it’s not about the music anymore—it’s about how many friends you have on Facebook and your Instagram pictures. I hate that. I feel so bad for the talented new bands that are working so hard, and they have to fight with these monsters where it’s all about the appearance, the way you look, the amount of posts you did this month. I don’t want to be a part of that—going to a festival and taking a selfie on stage and all the EDM shit. I feel like it’s such bad publicity for music and for true artists, and I’ll try to fight as hard as I can to not be like that.